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Earth on cloth


shown in Slow manouvres. The Youth Exhibition of 18th Tallinn Print Triennial, EKKM, Tallinn

Curated by Riin Maide, Brit Kikas

Photos by Riin Maide, Joosep Kivimäe

Mountains painted with clay are on the old cloth – the same mountains where the clay comes from. By the rivers that flow between the mountains, I have collected rocks, branches, pieces of fabric and other debris that lie now on the fabric, as a net of thought; as a map. From the ashes, from the memory of the heat, I have moulded hill-shaped spindles. The yarn spun with spindles have become a loom on which the fabric grows like a mountain.


The name of the work comes from the word Bògòlanfini, which literally means mud-cloth. Bògòlanfini is a textile dyeing technique from Mali that uses fermented mud. Inspired by the technique, this fabric dyed with clay from Italian Apennins helds a weaving loom, waiting for a weaver.

ingrid helena pajo 1.jpg
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