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Finding center everywhere


made together with Eugenio Marini

for the exhibition Roaming, in ARS Factory, Room 112, Tallinn
Photographed by Liina Leo, Ingrid Helena Pajo, Eugenio Marini

Finding center everywhere is a work on nomad thinking. Without the need for settling in neither a clear goal, thoughts and experiences on how to live in this world, have gathered simultaneously with the collecting of materials. The found has been given the form of tents and carpets – spaces providing rest, recovery and cover – reflecting on the rootless nature of nomad life, on roaming as a way of living. Here, the otherness of a wanderer is not creating distance between the places met on the way, but vice versa – the receptivity brings them closer.

The environment sets the rules, deciding what is given to its guests. It gives both opportunities and obstacles. Soft grass and thorny bushes. On the other hand, hospitality of places rely also on the beholder – of the active understanding, awareness and flexibility. An ideal traveller melts into the journey, becomes the path itself. Therefore, the relationship between the stranger and places passed by is in constant change and questioned continuously. When the man rules over a land, there is no such conversation; the Earth Spirit is not listened.

Living in the movement is a way to remind constantly that humans have no roots, no right nor power to rule over Earth. Without permanent home, there is no attempt to tame or surpress the Earth Spirit, but to sense its flows and to go along with them.

Work was accompanied by collection of essays "The book of roaming"

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