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Study for a textile


installation / performance

DOKKING Station, VENT Space, Tallinn
In collaboration with Will Britten (UK), Katarina Kruus (EST), Liina Leo (EST), Eugenio Marini (IT), Kristian Stapleton (UK)
Photographed by Liina Leo

Study for a textile is a experimental yarn spinning, loom-making and weaving studio born inside DOKKING Station, a collaborative exhibition with a focus on the sensitive relationships between our surroundings, natural environment and new materialism.

Both the set of objects and working/playing with the collection during the exhibition creates the Study for a textile. Most of the collected things and found materials are based on traditional textile materials and tools – like discarded lambs wool or old linen carding tool still with some linen fibers on it – but the making involves also other various objects and installations from the gallery space. What is really needed to re-invent textile – spin fibers and build looms – can be also purely inspirational.

Study for a textile is a part of a on-going research about discovering the roots of spinning yarn and weaving.

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